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Nomination Day


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Mr. Feedback

“Whoever steps into the job would probably find Dr Tan —fondly and simply known as “Doc” to many — a hard act to follow. In his four years as the Unit’s first and only chief so far, the MP for Ayer Rajah has so established his credibility that he has come to stand for Feedback with a capital F and to personify the Unit in the eyes of the public”

The Straits Times
4 February 1989

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Champion for the Underdogs

“He is indeed a very busy man, but he remains approachable. One of the most remarkable characteristics of his personality is his dauntless spirit of fighting for the underdogs.

His involvement with the disabled came at a time when accessibility to public places for the disabled was an issue of public attention.

While most people in public service would only pay lip-service in support of a barrier-free society, Dr Tan was prepared to put his money where his mouth is. He is an ardent believer that deeds speak louder than words.”

The Handicaps’ Digest

Count on me Singapore

Count on me Singapore. This is the song I dedicate to all Singaporeans to celebrate our National Day.